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We take pride in offering our help and our products wherever needed. This means that we operate in many different markets. Our products are in a high degree used in the food industry and in Healthcare, but also in a great variety of other applications. Below you can read about our customers' experiences and how they have benefited from our services and our products.

  1. Stainless steel gearboxes and motors used in cheese production line

    Looking into the refrigerator, most of us will find some sort of cheese, but have you ever considered the process the cheese goes through before we can pick it up in the supermarket? At FF Engineering ApS, this process has been on their minds for the past two years, where they have developed and produced their largest complete processing and packaging line for a cheese producer. Now they can celebrate that the system is ready for shipment.
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  2. Customised lifts with gear solutions from BJ-Gear A/S

    Hydro-Con Elevator, who is specialised in customised lift solutions, has produced these lifts using toothed belts to pull the chair, and they are custom made to be able to stand outside. Hydro-Con Elevator’s lifts are also self-supporting and do not need to be clamped to the building, which is ideal for installation at light constructions. BJ-Gear has delivered the transmission solutions.
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  3. Students clean lakes and streams

    A group of students from Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering has reinvented the method of cleaning lakes and streams for plants. The students have developed a remote controlled aquatic weed mower that will make the task both cheaper and easier.
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  4. NG bearings in candy production

    Bubs in Jönköbing, Sweden had huge problems with their installed bearings. Previously, they have installed ordinary stainless steel bearings, but since they use highly acidic materials such as ammonium chloride, sugar and malic acid in their production of candy their process equipment corrode quickly, and the company had to change their bearings very often. In 2011 Bubs installed their first NG-bearing. It is still running smoothly.
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  5. Patient table for radiation therapy

    BJ-Gear customer wanted to develop a patient table to be used in connection with radiation therapy of brain tumors. The requirements for precision and performance of this gear were extremely high, and therefore it was not possible to apply any standard or adapted gearboxes.
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  6. Autonomous Fire Suppression

    BJ-Gear A/S supplies transmission solutions for the SpraySafe fire protection system which works in three steps: The system detects the fire automatically and locates it in three dimensions. Water cannons are aimed at the fire and extinguishes the flames. The robotic monitor returns to standby without any human intervention.
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