Zeiss CNC coordinate measuring machine

Quality policy

Our policy aligns our purpose and our strategic direction. It creates commitment from our employees towards our objectives and our customer’s expectations.

When quality matters, BJ-Gear is your choice

When selecting gearboxes, actuators and other transmission solutions, quality is what matters. BJ-Gear emphasizes quality throughout the production and assembly process.

Worms and worm wheels are important components of the complete transmission solutions and the quality must be impeccable. In addition, worms and worm wheels must be both energy efficient as well as emitting low noise. Generally, there are no standards for the production of worm wheels, so it is crucial to invest in the best tooling equipment. At BJ-Gear the production equipment is state-of-the art, making it very precise and accurate.

Combined with our many years of experience in gearbox manufacturing and a very high degree of quality assurance, we guarantee worms and worm wheels with very small tolerances and of the highest quality.

Our quality assurance includes process control during production, mechanical measurement control of each production batch, as well as visible and audible tests of all products. Furthermore, our assembled products are thoroughly controlled before being shipped, to ensure the high quality that characterizes BJ-Gear.

When selecting gearboxes, actuators and other transmission solutions you should emphasize quality. BJ-Gear does!

Quality Control

Quality control covers all parts of the business, from the initial contact with the customer, sales and development, selection and purchase of materials, production and assembly of components, functional testing and preparation of the final documentation for the final product. We place strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, precision and dedication throughout the value chain.

Our products are reliable and are based on well-proven concepts. We want our products to be of the highest quality available, and that our customers are of the same opinion!


Through the BJ-Gear’s quality policy we commit to:


  • Define a quality policy that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard while ensuring that the necessary resources are available to meet the quality objectives.
  • Maintain and continuously improve our quality management system according to the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.
  • Comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements to sustain certificates and approvals.
  • Comply with certain declarations related to the market.
  • Thoroughly evaluate and comply with customer requirements and requests.
  • Implement product adaptations and development as well as to develop our collaboration with suppliers/partners.
  • Provide reliable products of high quality and to deliver products and services on time.
  • Ensure efficiently handling of complaints.
  • Develop our employee’s competencies, including a high degree of quality awareness.
  • Create and promote a good working environment as well as being aware of the internal and external environment.

Emphasis on audit

At BJ-Gear we have multiple audits every year. We do a lot of internally audits to comply with the standards and externally to meet the requirements of our customers. 

Internally, we continuously test ourselves for compliance with the standards. Externally, we invite customers' auditors into the company, so that they can see how we do it and to align our expectations to each other.

We have a fully implemented CAPA system in all of the company's departments.
Discrepancies are handled, corrective and preventive actions are defined.
Quality is assured while learning from our mistakes.