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Our product programme comprises a wide range of our own manufactured worm gearboxes, helical gearboxes, spiral bevel gearboxes, actuators and worm gear screw jacks. Besides that we offer accessories from recognised brands. A large programme is one of our strengths. Here we will keep you updated about our product releases, product updates, extensions to our product range and the like.

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  2.  Various NG bearings with open and closed covers

    BJ-Gear meets higher and higher hygiene requirements

    We all wish to avoid salmonella outbreaks and the risk of other dangerous bacteria finding their way to the dining table. Therefore, higher and higher hygiene requirements are imposed on machines and equipment used in the food industry. In this industry it is especially important that the products have a cleaning-friendly design to avoid the risk of bacterial growth. This may be part of the reason why more customers in the food industry have learned that they can use NG bearings in their applications.
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