Our range of linear products - actuators and worm gear screw jacks

Three different linear actuators on a blue background

Linear actuators

For linear motions, we offer our successful actuator programme consisting of two variants:

Linear actuators based on a worm gear drive.
Linear actuators based on a belt drive.


Three stainless steel actuators on blue background

Stainless steel actuator

Stainless steel actuator with of protection of IP69K. The actuator is based on worm gears and is manufactured as standard in stainless steel AISI 304/EN 4301. The sealing is made of FDA-approved material and with the hygienic and easy-to-clean design and a sealing with a protection of IP69K, the stainless actuator is particularly suitable for the food industry.


Two different worm gear screw jacks on a blue background

Worm gear screw jacks

For linear motions with larger loads, BJ-Gear A/S offers the worm gear screw jacks.
A BJ worm gear screw jack is very robust in terms of overload and operating environment.