Fast delivery world wide

A targeted internal logistics, a large stock of components and an efficient network of international shipping companies ensure that spare parts or replacement products from BJ-Gear A/S can reach our customers within 1-2 days on virtually all continents.

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Unique serial numbering

All our gearboxes, worm gear screw jacks and actuators are marked with an unique serial number and provided with information on gear ratio.  

The unique serial numbering of the product means that we can always identify the gear or the actuator and supply the correct spare parts. 

Also, if there is a need for a replacement product the unique serial number allows us to reproduce a gearbox or actuator no matter what degree of specialisation and whenever it was originally delivered.

 Wrapped gears from BJ-Gear

Spare parts

We take responsibility to ensure that your company has a proper functioning gearbox or actuator throughout its lifetime. No matter the product or the age of the product, you can be assured that we have spare parts in stock - or that we can produce the part at a relatively short notice. Contact us with information of the serial number and if possible the problem and we will find the right solution.

Our component stock contains more than 25,000 items. So, in most cases we keep the spare part in stock and it can be dispatched immediately. Alternatively, our flexible production system allows us to manufacture the desired part within a short time.

 Employee repairs gears at BJ-Gear