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With a comprehensive range of products and a large knowledge, BJ-Gear A/S is able to supply transmission solutions that meet all requirements and needs. The foundation is our own manufactured products of the BJ-Series complemented by transmission components from recognised external sources. We have more than 25.000 components in stock and are able to deliver more than 150 mio. gearbox variants within a short period of time.

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BJ-Gear A/S offers a very wide range of worm gearboxes. Due to the modular design the standard programme comprises countless combinations when it comes to selection of gear housings, mounting and connection options, flanges, shaft designs, materials, type of oil, surface treatments etc. BJ-Gear offers casted, aluminium and stainless steel gearboxes.
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Linear actuators in line

Linear products

BJ worm gear screw jacks and actuators are very sturdy in terms of overload and operating environment. The design is compact, simple and its modular construction allows great flexibility. The modular design is also ideal if customisation is needed. BJ-Gear offers linear products of casted and stainless steel.
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 Various NG bearings with open and closed covers


All gearboxes and actuators from BJ-Gear A/S can be supplied with or without attached motor. The advantage by allowing us to be in charge of handling a complete solution is, that we can ensure a proper fitting and make sure that the complete unit is tested before delivery.
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 Electromagnetic brakes and clutches

Brakes and clutches

Electromagnetic clutches and brakes are used to move or decelerate moving masses as quickly as possible. Electromagnetic brakes are active by means of a permanent magnetic field. Electromagnetic clutches ensures connection with an electrically generated magnetic force.
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Encoder close up
cogwheel for worm gears