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Since 1964 BJ-Gear A/S has been reowned as a quality oriented manufacturer of gearboxes and actuators for many different industries and for widely different purposes. Today, BJ-Gear A/S is one of the leading companies within development, production and supply of transmission solutions.

We have a wide range of self-produced gears and actuators of high quality and with great operational reliability. We manufacture gear and transmission solutions for variety of different industries such as the food and medico industries. 

We participate avery year in carefully chosen trade fairs nationally and abroad in order to connect with future clients and suppliers. When participating in af trade fair your have the opportunity to show case new products and tell about your ideas and innovative developments which help build a healthy dialogue with the customer around future collaboration.

Below you can see which fairs in which we participate.

SPS Smart Production Solutions, November 14th to 16th  2023, Nuremberg, Germany

SPS smart production solutions, November 14th to 16th 2023, Nuremberg, Germany

After a successful fair at SPS Smart production solutions 2022 in Nuremberg, we will again be at the same fair in 2023, where we will present our gear and transmission solutions on our stand.

We have a wide range of self-produced gearboxes and actuators of high quality and with high reliability. Based on our proven products, we are constantly developing transmission solutions in close cooperation with your company. We also offer transmission components of recognised brands which makes it possible to supply complete transmission solutions at very short notice. We think innovatively and are customer-oriented during the process of development and we are goal-directed in maximising your total benefit in relation to design, functionality and economy.

With almost a year to go until the fair, which runs from 14 - 16 November 2023, we do not currently know which stand we will be allocated, but we will announce it as soon as we know more about it.


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