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Guide to help using our Product Configurator

To get the most out of our Product Configurator, we have created a video guide that shows you how to use our Product Configurator.

  1. Find the Product Configurator in the main menu under Products or on the front page.
  2. Select the component you want to configure.
  3. Select gear data to specify your product.
    1. Choose your data by marking your choice and click Select.
    2. Each dropdown has multible choices.
  4. Select gear housing.
  5. Select output flange.
  6. Select output shaft.
  7. Select bearings and shaft material.
  8. Select drive end.
  9. Select input shaft - type and size.
  10. Select non-drive side.
  11. Choose oil and finish (and motor or encoder if needed).
  12. Send your request or type in your e-mail for a 3D-model.