Nuclear Gamma Camera

BJ-Gear has performed a wide range of tasks for a company supplying hospital equipment on OEM basis and at a very early stage of the project, we were involved in developing a gear unit to a nuclear gamma camera.

Nuclear Gamma camera heart scanner

Technicians from the company and BJ-Gear formed a common project team who defined the demands on loads and gear ratios. As the next step, BJ-Gear designed the prototype of the gearbox which formed the basis of the customer's further work on developing the final Nuclear Gamma Camera. The basic idea of having a very rigidly constructed gearbox to be the bearing base of the camera's detector head proved to be successful. The final dimensioning and engineering of the gearbox were carried out by BJ-Gear.

Due to the strict demands for safety within hospital equipment, the gearbox was made of a solid block in aluminium. The actual gear is based on a double worm gearing and lives up to the principles of our precision gearboxes. To lift the complete detector unit, we are using one of our adapted worm gear screw jacks.