Firefighters fight fire

Gear drive solutions for fire protection

BJ-Gear A/S can supply transmission solutions for fire protection systems. We have ATEX approved gear solutions and a specialised team to help with all types of questions i.e. development, production, testing etc. 

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Fire protection

When a fire occurs, there are several factors that influence whether it develops catastrophically. To calculate the risk, the response time is to be set in relation to the size of the fire, because it goes without saying that the longer it takes to fight the fire, the larger the fire can be. Therefore, factors such as  the time it takes to discover the fire, how long time the fire service is to arrive, whether the fire is at a place where you have the opportunity to extinguish it, and whether you have the tools needed to fight the fire effectively is of great importance when fighting fires.


BJ-Gear A/S' strengths comprise:

  • Comprehensive technical expertise and engineering capabilities.
  • Specialised in product adaptation of gearboxes and actuators, and development of special solutions.
  • Product focus: High quality, compact design, low weight in relation to performance, low backlash, low noise level, reliable technology, high reliability etc.
  • Considerable knowledge of materials and general knowledge of key technologies within the market.
  • High degree of process control during manufacturing of components and products.
  • Measurements and test results can be documented in relation to requirements.
  • High degree of documentation and traceability of product and component level.
 Building on fire is extinguished with water

Case: SpraySafe Fire Fighting System

A firefighting system called SpraySafe AFS can be the solution to challenges such as availability, time and the visibility of the fire when fires occurs at tall buildings or in very crowded places. BJ-Gear has been part of the development and delivers transmission solutions for the system.

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