BJ-Gear A/S has great expertise and specialised knowledge of specific requirements for transmission solutions. Our knowledge is built through many years of close collaboration with various companies within the same industry. It has given us precise knowledge of what is required when it comes to development, design, functionality, quality, documentation and specific trade requirements for achieving the best result in a number of industries. 

Aerial photo of the BJ-Gear A / S building

Aerospace and Defence

Products with high accuracy and quality as well as extensive documentation constitute the foundation for close cooperation with the aerospace and defence industries. 
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BJ-Gear A/S works closely with companies within the energy sector based on the ability to make simple, sturdy and innovative solutions to complex tasks.
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Food Processing

Transmission solutions from BJ-Gear A/S are part of cutting machines, mixers, pumps, homogenisers, fillers, sealing equipment ,and numerous other applications.
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Our gearboxes and actuators are part of the driving units in the movable parts of various scanners and other technical medical equipments.
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Other Markets

Our modular gearbox and actuator programme combined with a wide know-how ensures the optimum solutions in any business or industry. 
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