Autonomous Fire Suppression

BJ-Gear A/S supplies transmission solutions for the SpraySafe fire protection system which works in three steps:

  1. The system detects the fire automatically and locates it in three dimensions.
  2. Water cannons are aimed at the fire and extinguishes the flames.
  3. The robotic monitor returns to standby without any human intervention.
Solutions for the SpraySafe fire protection system

BJ-Gear partners with companies rethinking fire fighting

The firefighting system, SpraySafe AFS, can be the solution to challenges such as availability, time and the visibility of the fire when fires occurs at tall buildings or in very crowded places. BJ-Gear has been part of the development and delivers transmissions solutions for the system.

When a fire occurs, there are several factors that influence whether it develops catastrophically. To calculate the risk, the response time is set in relation to the size of the fire, because it goes without saying that the longer it takes to fight the fire, the larger the fire can be. Therefore, it is of great importance how quickly you discover the fire, how long time the fire service is to arrive, whether the fire is at a place where you have the opportunity to extinguish it, and whether you have the tools needed to fight the fire effectively.

Huge risks for large fires at skyscrapers and tall buildings

Skyscrapers and tall buildings can be particularly vulnerable to fire because they are designed in a way that can pose major challenges. Challenges such as availability to the fire, time before the fire spreads and visibility of the fire.

Availability pose a challenge, since the height of a building can mean that the fire is out of reach for the firefighters even though they get to the place of fire within time. Time is highly important since the facade of many tall buildings is constructed using combustible cladding materials and therefore the fire usually spreads faster than normal.

Another issue is visibility. The fire can spread faster than you can see (due to the chimney effect). It is not always possible to see from the outside how much the fire has spread. If a tall building is constructed with a cavity between the combustible cladding materials and the building's outer wall, a fire may potentially spread faster inside the cavity than on the outside. Here the so-called chimney effect cause that the hot air is pressed up through the cavity and creates buoyancy for the flames. Therefore, the fire may have spread far more than is to be seen from the outside.

The SpraySafe AFS is the solution to challenging fires

The SpraySafe AFS firefighting system is the solution to these challenges. The system is mounted directly on the façade of a building, which eliminates the challenge of not being able to reach the fire for the fire fighters. The system automatically registers the fire and can fight the fire without human interaction, which eliminates the challenge of time and last but not least the system can be added a cavity fire protection system that is to be installed in the cavity of the combustible cladding materials and the building's outer wall, which eliminates the risk of invisible fires to spread.

Solutions for the SpraySafe fire protection system

Download brochure to read more about:

  • The industries that the fire protection system is suitable for.
  • A graph showing the effect of detecting a fire quickly and effectively fighting it.
  • An illustration and explanation of the chimney effect of a fire in the cavity between a cladding material and the building's outer wall.