Our range of gearboxes

Worm gearboxes

The design of the BJ worm gearbox is simple and well proven. We only use high quality components such as houses of cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel, worms of case hardened and polished steel and worm wheels of high-grade bronze of special alloys ensuring the optimum wearability.


Worm gearboxes - stainless steel

BJ-Gear A/S offers a stainless steel gearbox range of high quality. The series is developed specifically for the food industry and other industries where there are continuously stringent requirements for the resistance of the material and the easy-to-clean design. 


Helical bevel gearboxes

The BJ-Gear helical bevel gearboxes are characterised by high power density and an efficiency of 96%. The compact and modular design makes the gearbox easy to incorporate in numerous applications. 


STRONG spiral bevel gearboxes

BJ-Gear's wide range of spiral bevel gearboxes are characterised by high quality and robust performance by virtue of the gear housing made of cast iron. Our spiral bevel gearboxes are manufactured in four different versions. 



Italian Hydro-Mec S.P.A. produces e.g. helical bevel gearboxes, helical gearboxes, worm gearboxes and shaft mounted gearboxes. The Hydro-Mec gearboxes are compatible with other well-known brands on the market and can easily replace competing gearboxes in different applications. 


Planetary gearboxes

BJ-Gear A/S works with several manufacturers of planetary gearboxes. The advantage of planetary gearboxes is that you can obtain a high torque compared to the size of the gearbox.


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