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 Four NG waterproof bearings with closed and open covers on blue background

NG waterproof bearings

NG flange bearings are very compact flange houses with the cover bolted on. The flange housing is made of PUR which is extremely sturdy, it is impact strengthened and can be mounted in all angles. The flange housing is easy to clean with rounded corners and smooth surfaces.

The flange housing is mounted with a spherical PE lifetime lubricated ball bearing with excentric locking collar, Corrotect treated to prevent setting on the shaft, oil seal ring with a stainless steel spring, ensuring that water can not penetrate the housing - even at direct hosing.


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 4 stainless steel bearings with open and closed covers on a blue background

Stainless steel bearings

Stainless steel bearing units are very suitable for the food industry and other demanding environments, due to the hygienic design and minimum maintenance. They are mounted with SUC stainless steel bearings and set screw locking. 

The bearing unit has adjustable pre-lubricated Aisi440C stainless steel ball bearing and can be re-lubricated using a stainless steel Aisi304 grease-nipple or a quick coupler. Also, the bearings can be fitted with a safety cap of either polypropylene or stainless steel AISI 304, with a rotary shaft seal ring (TC) with extra dust-protection lip of NBR rubber, and with a stainless-steel spring.


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 Four mini stainless steel bearings with closed and open covers on blue background

Mini stainless steel bearings

Mini stainless steel bearings are extra narrow bearings in hygienic design. They are suitable for the food industry and other demanding environments.


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 Various NG bearings with open and closed covers

Worldwide distributors of NG bearings

Our NG bearings are used all over the world. For optimum service and fast delivery please find an NG distributor located near you. 

Find our list of distributors by clicking the link below.


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Brochure: NG Bearings

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