A wide range of motors

Motor fitted to your gearbox

All gearboxes and actuators from BJ-Gear A/S can be supplied with an attached motor. The advantage by allowing us to handle a complete solution is that we can ensure a proper fitting and make sure that the complete unit is tested before delivery.

A wide range of motors

Motors in aluminium and cast iron

The electric motors in aluminium and cast iron are sturdy and flexible motors with high performance, made to withstand the tough demands of the Scandinavian industry on reliability and quality, and the sound level is low. They are designed for normal operating conditions and meet international standards IEC60034, AS1359, BS5000 and the directives for CE marking, and have marine type approval from DNV-GL.

Protection class, insulation and voltage

The motors are fully enclosed, fan cooled and have protection class IP55. They are designed according to insulation class F but is used only to the temperature limit which applies to class B. This reserved temperature ensures increased service life and high reliability. The standard 3 phase motors are made for 230/400V ± 10%, 50Hz through 3kW and 400/690V ± 10%, 50Hz from 4kW onwards. Other voltages can be ordered. The motors can be used at 60Hz, which is stamped on the product.

Mechanical design

Our Busck motors are either made in aluminium or cast iron. Motors in aluminium is marked with an ‘A’ as the third number in their item number. Motors in cast iron has a ‘C’ as the third number in their item number.

Motors in aluminium has loose feet that can be put on any side, and they have a foot-shaped V-ring seals around the shaft. Motors in cast iron are with the junction box on top, and in sizes 160-280 they have removable feet, which can also be moved to any side. They have flanges on the junction box. The motors have in general drainage plugs that can easily be removed to prevent condensation from accumulating in the motor.

Thermal protection

Aluminium motors in sizes 80-132 has thermocouples as standard. Size 160 has thermistors as standard. Cast iron motors in sizes 160-355 has as standard thermistors in the winding. For thermistors a trigger relay is required, which is available for 230V or 400V supply voltage.

Stainless steel motors

To complement our stainless steel gearboxes, we also supply stainless steel AC motors from stock. The motors are manufactured in acid-proof stainless steel and in protection classes from IP66 to IP69K. The motors are available as TENV (Totally Enclosed Non ventilated) up to effects of 0.75 kW or as TEFC (Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled). The motors are as standard equipped with thermistors.

The completely smooth surface makes them ideal for use within the food industry or where cleanability is very important, like for instance within the food and process industry or Healthcare. The total solution will be a perfect transmission solution satisfying the strict hygiene requirements within these industries.

If DC, servo, air or hydraulic motors are needed in connection with our own produced products, we cooperate with competent manufacturers, which makes it possible to deliver complete solutions. Motors are supplied in standard versions or customised to your specifications.

ATEX approved motors

Protected transmission solutions complying with the ATEX directive must be used when equipment and machinery are used in areas with the risk of explosive mixtures of air and gas or air and dust.

The ATEX directive 94/9/EC is a CE marking directive to ensure that equipment and machinery, that are marketed within the EU and used in areas with explosive atmosphere, obtain uniform safety requirements.

We offer explosion-proof transmission solutions that are used in:

  • Atmosphere of explosion due to gas: Zone 1 or 2
  • Atmosphere of explosion due to dust: Zone 21 or 22

Our standard worm gearboxes, worm gear motors and actuators are approved for Zone 2 and 22, but we offer to supply all our products in zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 according to the requirements.

We have considerable expertise in risk assessment, documentation and production according to the ATEX directive.