To save man-hoursĀ and at the same time sparing employees who avoid heavy lifting when setting up, we have invested in a QRS - Quality Robot Systems.

QRS - Quality Robot Systems in BJ-Gear factory

QRS - Quality Robot Systems

BJ-Gear A/S has invested in several QRS robots in order to optimise and streamline our production processes. The benefits of installing QRS robots in the production processes are many.

Unmanned machining processes

There are many monotonous movements at a CNC machining center which are repeated many times. It takes time and can wear down an employee.
A KUKA QRS robot makes it possible to perform several unmanned machining processes, and saves employees from tedious work. When saving valuable time at the machine, the employee can focus on other and more important tasks. At the same time, a production can be significantly optimised as a robot works day and night and on weekends as well.

Reducing errors

A robotic system is working with a extreme accurate accuracy. A robot is programmed to perform the same maneuver over and over again without breaks and with no supervision. The benefits is to reduce manufacturing errors, which in turn saves time and resources.

Avoiding heavy lifting

An employee that does manual labour for many hours every day, and at the same time is lifting heavy raw materials to feed the machine or to place in stock is at risk to be worn down. To protect employees from any heavy liftings and avoid poor working positions, installing a QRS robotic system is an advantage that will protect employees against wear and tear.