When precision is paramount

The incremental encoders make it easy to perform highly accurate positioning tasks and they are compatible with almost all controls. They have an exceptional resolution with an A90°B/Ā90°B output signal with up to 2048 impulses per rotation.

The absolute single-turn encoders ensure best possible interaction between the individual system components and make it easy to perform highly accurate positioning. The absolute single-turn encoders are often installed in environments where safety and accuracy are key factors. Another important feature of the absolute single-turn encoder is its ability to remember the position of the shaft for one revolution. The encoder has memory to know the correct position when the machine is switched on again after for example a loss power supply.

All encoders has a vulcanised magnet ring making the encoder sturdy and shockproof. They fit all IEC electric motors and can be tailored to meet your specific need should you have another type of motor. The encoder is integrated between the motor and the gearbox without any requirements of motor modifications. When the encoder is mounted between the gearbox and the motor the encoder is protected from dirt, dust, corrosion etc., and can withstand even high-pressure cleaning. The encoders are very thin and adds approx. 7 to max. 15 mm to the total length of the gear drive solution.

We are able to supply a wide range of encoders. If your request for an encoder is not shown, please do not hesitate to contact us.