We care about the environment

We work hard to reduce our environmental impact. Our production is clean, and we have an extensive and constant expanding waste sorting program. We sort more than 25 different types of waste, and we take special care in handling and disposing hazardous waste in a responsible way.

 Waste sorting of oily waste

Environmental policy

We strive to employ our environmental management system to

• Protect the environment by preventing pollution.
• Fulfil the company's compliance obligations.
• Continually improve the environmental management system to enhance environmental performance.
• Reduce the amount of waste and emissions into the air, ground and water.
• Handle, store and dispose of hazardous waste, including chemicals, in an environmentally responsible manner.
• Contribute to recycling and reuse of materials and products.
• Implement environment friendly technologies and products.

Safety and first aid

At BJ-Gear A/S we meet all legal requirements for safety in connection with for example guarding of the machinery and handling of dangerous substances.

We have an internal team of Samaritans who can give first aid in case of accidents. The Emergency Preparedness also includes a defibrillator which can not only save lives in our company, but in the neighbouring businesses and for other neighbours. Our defibrillator is part of a nationwide list of defibrillators being available in emergencies.

An automatic fire alarm system with sensors in every room is connected directly to the local fire brigade. It ensures instant reaction to fire and reduces the risk of serious injuries to people, buildings, furnitures, machines and products. We also make sure that the employees via loudspeakers are automatically warned about fire and asked to leave the building.

BJ-Gear A/S' management, the safety representatives and the safety committee are continuously working in order to further improve the security.

Environmental goals

At BJ-Gear we strive for our employees to obtain increased environmental awareness while we continue to expand our environmental efforts such as reducing annual energy consumption (total kWh), increase the number of types of waste to be sorted for recycling or disposal, as well as reducing the number of different chemicals and use the most environmentally friendly in product manufacturing.

At BJ-Gear A/S, we work relentlessly to prevent and control potential risks to the environment.