Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. The concept of sustainability is composed of three pillars: economic, environmental, and social also known informally as profits, planet, and people.

Safe waste management animation

Safe waste management

In order to comply with the requirements of the ISO 14001 standard, we have mapped out our waste sorting, and work purposefully to expand our sorting over time. We sort more than 28 different types of waste including paper, oil waste, electronic waste, chemical waste, solid scrap metal and metal shavings. The goal is to expand the waste sorting with a new type of waste every year.

We take special care to handle and dispose of hazardous waste in a responsible way. Therefore, we have implemented a well described procedure for waste sorting, and we have installed separate for the different types of waste to ensure proper disposal and reduce the risk of mistakes.

Metal waste from the production of our gearboxes and associated products are sorted into as many fractions as possible. This means that the vast majority of the metal waste can be remelted and reused as new raw materials.

Recycling animation


At BJ-Gear A/S we meet all legal requirements for safety in connection with e.g. protection of machines and handling of dangerous substances.

We focus on recycling in all manufacturing processes. Whenever possible, we drain cutting oil of the metal shavings from the product manufacturing. The metal shavings are melted to be recycled. The cutting oil is also recycled as the oil is automatically returned to the machining centers, where it is reused in the next cutting process.

Similarly, cooling lubricant used in the turning and milling processes is recycled through our central cooling lubricant system. The cooling lubricant is filtered and cooled before being returned to the machines. In addition, we have installed a timer to ensure that the use of lubricant is lowered when the machines are on hold. This ensures that the amount of refrigerant lubricant used is kept to a minimum. As a bonus, the hot air from the cooling process is used to heat the building.

All extraction units connected to the machines using cooling lubricant are supplied with oil mist filters with a purification rate of 99.8%. In this way, our efficient filtration system ensures that harzadous substances are not emitted into the atmosphere.

Professional chemical control animation

Professional chemical control

Together with external experts, BJ-Gear A/S has formulated work place guidelines (WPG) for the areas of potential hazardous chemicals. Work place guidelines contain chemical documents a.o. comprising safety data sheets (SDS) and product data sheets (PDS). The work place guidelines are available in an external professional online system presenting advantages such as

  • Always updated information on chemicals in one system.
  • The individual employees have access to the information of the work place guidelines (WPG).
  • Prevention of accidents with chemicals by having clear guidelines and ongoing education of employees.
  • In case of accidents involving chemicals or in case of fire, the chemicals may be quickly identified and information are downloaded for use by the physician, the fire brigade etc
  • The consumption of different chemicals can be measured and controlled.
 Sustainable factory animation

A modern factory reduce our energy consumption

Already when constructing BJ-Gear’s facilities, the intention not to affect the environment in a negative way was important to us. The energy consumption is kept down by means of effective insulation, intelligent central control of the temperature and recycling of the heat from machines and other production equipment via the comfort and process extraction. The extraction units have an efficiency of approximately 85%.

As a specific action to reduce our annual energy consumption, we have replaced all our light fixtures with LED, wherever practicable. This results in a saving of energy of 65% compared to our previous use of energy-saving lights and fluorescent lamps.

Furthermore, the power consumption is controlled by an Intelligent House Control (IHC), which ensures that the consumption of power can be adjusted to our needs in the best way possible. These efforts keep our emission of CO2 through the consumption of energy and electricity down to a minimum.

 Electric car charging animation on blue background

Charging station for electric and hybrid cars

At BJ-Gear, we strive for our company and employees to achieve increased environmental awareness. We continuously expand our environmental efforts by e.g. to reduce the annual energy consumption (total kWh) and through new technologies to reduce our COemissions by recovering the heat from machines and control our electricity consumption by means of central IHC (Intelligent House Control) controls, so that the consumption can be adapted as best as possible.

Due to the increasing sales of electric and hybrid cars, it is a matter of course that we now have installed 8 new charging stations for a total of 15 electric or hybrid cars. More and more of our employees have already or intend to acquire a hybrid or electric car next time they buy a car and we are therefore very excited that we now can offer charging stations at our production site so our employees can charge thier car before the trip home.

And now we are happy to announce that we are able to provide our guest and visitors the opportunity to charged their car while visiting us at BJ-gear.