Multiple transmission components of recognised brands

 Two connection shafts from R+L Couplings on a blue background

Connection shafts

When you have to synchronise two or more driving units, such as spindle gearboxes or actuators, a connection shaft will be an affordable and reliable solution. We supply connection shafts (line shafts) in several versions and with different coupling connections depending on the purpose.



Electromagnetic solutions, linear solenoids and holding magnets with blue background

Electromagnetic pull/push magnets and vibrations

BJ-Gear supply electromagnetic solenoids from Kendrion, a leading manufacturer of electromagnetic pull/push magnets and vibrators. We offer locking solenoids, linear solenoids, oscillating solenoids and electromagnetic holding magnets.



Frequency converters on blue background

Frequency Converters

A frequency converter is used to regulate the frequency and thus the speed of an AC motor. Frequency converters are increasingly used in conjunction with motors to improve performance or efficiency at startup and varying operational modes.



 Stainless steel levelling feets in different sizes on a blue background

Levelling feet

Our stainless steel levelling feet are available with or without fixing plate. The levelling feet can slope up to 10° on floors and equipment, they can withstand temperatures to max 250 °C and have high resistance to cleaning items and corrosion.



Overrunning clutches and backstops in various sizes on a blue background

Overrunning clutches and backstops

Overrunning clutches are directional couplings, meaning they can engage and disengage automatically, depending on the relative direction of rotation of the driving and the driven sides. The application possibilities for Stieber overrunning clutches range from small office or fitness equipment to 3.0 MW heavy-duty machinery or 20 km long conveyor belts.



Shafthub connection blue background

Shaft hub connections

Our shaft hub connections connect drive components to shafts, and make a backlash free transmission of high torques possible. Conical elements ensure a safe connection between shafts and pulleys, gear wheels, chain wheels and fly-wheel masses etc. This very simple mounting and dismantling procedures reduces the assembly costs.



 Various wheels and racks on blue background

Wheels and racks

BJ-Gear A/S manfactures gear wheels, gear racks, worms, worm wheels, splines etc. of high quality. The gear wheels are used in our own gear programme, but we also offer our products for other industrial customers. We use advanced CNC machining and measuring machines, that ensure high precision and flexibility in our production.



Spindle on blue background


Using trapezoidal spindles and ball screw spindles are a known method of transmission from a rotational motion to a linear motion. Trapezoidal spindles are used primarily at low speeds and high loads. Trapezoidal spindles are produced by cold-formed threading, making the surface very hard and smooth, which ensures a low friction and a high resistance to wear. Ball screw spindles are produced with focus on high precision and a hardened surface ensuring a high durability. Ball screw spindles are suitable for high speeds due to the low friction and high efficiency.