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Transmission solutions from BJ-Gear A/S are part of cutting machines, mixers, pumps, homogenisers, fillers, sealing equipment, pick & place units, conveyors and numerous other applications.

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Improved hygiene and cleanability

We enjoy a close and good cooperation with suppliers of equipment and machinery for the food industry, where a high degree of hygiene and cleanability are key requirements. BJ-Gear A/S meets these requirements with our standard range of hygienic actuators, gearboxes, worm gear screw jacks and geared motors in stainless steel. Our stainless steel products are ideal for mounting directly in the process areas without a protective stainless steel shield. This eliminates a source of hidden bacterial growth. 

Our hygienic stainless steel gearboxes and actuators are made with a machined flat surface without unnecessary ribs, flanges, recesses and mounting holes in order to simplify cleaning and to minimise bacterial risk further. 

BJ-Gear's strengths comprise

  • Extensive technical expertise and engineering capabilities.
  • High competence in hygienic actuators, gears and gear motors in stainless steel.
  • Wide range of standard gearboxes, actuators, motors, brakes, encoders, couplings etc. for quick delivery.
  • High competence in product adaptation and development of special products - even in smaller numbers.
  • Replacement products and spare part guarantee throughout the equipment life.
  • 2011 First NG-bearing installed at Bubs - and still running
  • 1 million foam kisses produced each day at Samba
  • 1000 revolution per minute for a tail cutter at Marel Støvring
  • -18°C is the temperature of the mussels before shipment
Bubs mixed candy

Case: NG-bearings in candy production

Bubs in Jönköbing, Sweden has previously used ordinary stainless steel bearings, but since their production involves highly acidic substances their process equipment tend to corrode quickly. In 2011 Bubs installed their first NG bearing and it is still running smoothly.  

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Filleting process at Marel in Støvring

Case: Helical bevel gearbox for deheading salmons

In collaboration with Marel Støvring in Denmark, BJ-Gear A/S has developed a hygienic helical bevel gearbox to be used in a deheading machine for salmons. Besides the high demands for speed and precision a gentle handling of the fish during the filleting process was very important.

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Cold room conveyor belt with NG flange bearing unit F4 closed

Case: NG bearings solve challenges of producing mussels in a tough production environment

High hygiene standards and an effective production without unnecessary shut downs are important factors to Vilsund Blue in Denmark. Therefore, they are pleased to use NG bearings from BJ-Gear A/S in the production of mussels.

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Stainless steel gearboxes in cheese production line

Case: Stainless steel gearboxes used in cheese production line

At FF engineering, the process of cheese production has been on their minds for the past two years, where they have developed and produced their largest complete processing and packaging line for a cheese producer. Now they can celebrate that the system is ready for shipment.

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Spangsberg foam kisses factory. Hydro-Mec gearboxes and motor

Case: Samba foam kisses

Samba produces close to a million foam kisses a day. That calls for a smooth production.

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Three different stainless steel transmission solutions on transparent background

The widest range of stainless steel transmission solutions

BJ-Gear A/S has a wide range of stainless steel transmission solutions, all of which are ideal for the food industry and other industries with high standards for cleanability and hygiene. 

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Two stainless steel gearboxes on white background

Three things you should consider, when choosing the right gearbox

Are you unsure what type of gearbox to use? In this article we will go through three of the most important things, you need to consider before you decide. 

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Decisive factors of success within food processing and packaging

  • Engineering know-how (technical and hygienic)
  • Short time to market/Rapid prototyping
  • Well proven technologies/reliable drive systems
  • High quality
  • Angle gearboxes, in-line og linear
  • Compact and hygienic designs
  • Large gear ratios
  • Test and analysis facilities
  • Technical documentation
  • High delivery performance
  • Logistic services
  • Lifetime spare parts
  • Competitive prices