A wide range of Gear couplings

 Two steel gear tooth couplings on a blue background

Gear tooth couplings

Gear couplings, also known as curved tooth couplings, transmit torque and accommodate some misalignment through their gear teeth. The gear couplings are often used in applications with requirements of high torque and balance, and due to their high torque capacity they are ideal for demanding applications. 



Claw and servo couplings on blue background

Claw and servo couplings

Claw couplings, also known as elastic couplings, are an optimal solution for positioning applications, no matter how high a torque is needed to be transmitted.



Two different metal bellow couplings on blue background

Metal bellow couplings

Metal bellow couplings are ideal in applications where precise positioning and control of machine components are required.  Their high torsional strength ensures accurate transmitted speed, angular positioning, and torque.



Sleeve coupling on blue background

Sleeve couplings

Sleeve couplings consist of a pipe with a bore that fits the required tolerance based on the shaft size, as well as an inner and outer sleeve that is tapered to match each other. The outer sleeve is driven onto the inner sleeve to clamp the two shaft ends together. A sleeve coupling does not require a keyway, and therefore you avoid weakening of the shaft. 



Metal grid coupling on blue background

Metal grid couplings

Metal grid couplings are ideal for applications with high torque levels as well as damping requirements. They are used to transmit torque and rotation between shafts, and while accommodating the small variations in alignment that may occur between connected shafts, they are also capable of reducing vibrations by up to 30% and absorbing shock loads.



Safety and disengageable couplings on blue background

Safety and disengageable couplings

The safety couplings provide a quick and reliable interruption of the drive component and the driven component if a torque stop exceeds a preset level. This helps prevent damage and downtime. Safety couplings offered by BJ-Gear operate as overload breakaway devices and operate on a spring-loaded ball bearing principle.