Sleeve couplings

Flexible sleeve couplings are made of two symmetrical steel hub with a synthetic sleeve in between, which ensure connection and power transmission between the two hubs. The sleeve couplings are ideal for heavy working conditions even in unfavorable environments.

Sleeve couplings from R+L

Sleeve couplings

BJ-Gear is able to offer sleeve couplings from R+L hydraulics (formerly known as Raja-Lovejoy GmbH)

The DENTEX® coupling is a flexible gear coupling with two congruent hubs with crowned teeth that transmit the torque by engaging with the internal toothing of the housing component. The coupling is suited both for horizontal and vertical shaft connections, hence for reversing and intermittent service. The coupling needs no maintenance and no lubrication is required.

DENTEX®- the flexible coupling
  • Torque range: 10-2400 Nm
  • Compensates misalignments
  • Quick and easy assemly
  • High thermal stability
  • No maintenance
  • Insulating properties