Worm gearboxes - simple and well proven

BJ-Gear A/S offers a very wide range of worm gearboxes. Due to the modular design the standard programme comprises countless combinations when it comes to selection of gear housings, mounting and connection options, flanges, shaft designs, type of oil, surface treatments etc.

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Sturdy and reliable

The design of the BJ worm gearbox is simple and well proven. We only use high quality components such as houses in cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel, worms in case hardened and polished steel and worm wheels in high-grade bronze of special alloys ensuring the optimum wearability. The seals of the worm gearbox are provided with a dust lip which effectively resists dust and water. In addition, the gearboxes are greased for life with synthetic oil.

Low noise

Our worm gearboxes and actuators are extremely quiet. This is due to the very smooth running of the worm gear combined with the use of cast iron and high precision on component manufacturing and assembly. In connection with our precision gearboxes, we take extra care of any sound that can be interpreted as a murmur from the gear. So the general noise level of our gearbox is reduced to an absolute minimum.

Angular gearboxes

The input shaft and output shaft on the worm gearbox are perpendicular to each other. This often proves to be a decisive advantage making the incorporation of the gearbox considerably simpler and more compact. The worm gearbox is an angle gear. This is often an advantage for incorporation into constructions.

Strong bearings in solid housing

The output shaft of the BJ worm gearbox is very firmly embedded in the gear house and is ideal for direct suspension for wheels, movable arms and other parts rather than having to build a separate suspension.

Atex approved

Our standard worm gearboxes are approved for Zone 2 and 22, but we offer to supply all our products in zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 according to the requirements. Read more 

Self locking

For larger gear ratios, BJ-Gear's worm gearboxes will provide a self-locking effect, which in many situations can be used as brake or as extra security. Also worm gear screw jacks with a trapezoidal spindle are self-locking, making them ideal for a wide range of solutions.

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Brochure: Worm gearboxes

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Large reduction 100:1 in one step

The worm gearboxes allow for reductions of up to 100:1 in one single step or 10.000:1 in a double reduction. An equivalent gearing with the same gear ratios and the same transferred power is bigger than a worm gearing. Meanwhile, the worm gearbox is in a more simple design. A double reduction may be composed of 2 standard gearboxes or as a special gearbox.

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output torque


Series 35

5:1 - 90:1



Series 42

5:1 - 75:1


Cast iron

Series 52

7:1 - 60:1


Cast iron

Series 61

7:1 - 100:1


Cast iron

Series 79

7:1 - 60:1


Cast iron

Series 99

7:1 - 100:1


Cast iron

Download the tabel in pdf format below.

Worm gearboxes with high precision

BJ-Gear A/S is also able to offer precision gearboxes and high precision gearboxes with a dual lead design.

The precision gearboxes

The precision gearboxes meets more strict precision requirements by virtue of special designs, production and assembly methods. The precision gearboxes are characterised by a low backlash and a very low generation of noise and vibrations. The gearboxes' backlash can be documented by measuring reports. On request we can deliver gearboxes with even lower backlash.

To download as PDF, find the download link below the table.

Gear size Backlash standard gearboxes Backlash precision gearboxes
Series 42 < 0.80° < 0.20°
Series 52 < 0.75° < 0.20°
Series 61 < 0.70° < 0.20°
Series 79 < 0.55° < 0.15°
Series 99 < 0.55° < 0.15°

Download the tabel in pdf format below.


The high precision gearboxes with dual lead design

All high precision gearboxes are produced for a specific purposes and according to customers' demands. They can be produced in aluminum, stainless steel or cast iron. The gearboxes are highly adaptable for various customised needs such as special flanges and output shafts. Even though the gearboxes are customised they can be delivered quickly due to a flexible and automatised production. The design can be customised and fitted with AC, DC or servo motors.

  • Low noise
  • Low backlash - backlash down to 1 arc minute
  • No loss of efficiency

Stainless steel worm gearboxes

Are you looking for stainless steel worm gearboxes instead?
We have a wide range of gearboxes.