Gearboxes from Italian Hydro-Mec S.P.A.

Italian Hydro-Mec S.P.A. produces e.g. helical bevel gearboxes, helical gearboxes, worm gearboxes and shaft mounted gearboxes. The Hydro-Mec gearboxes are compatible with other well-known brands on the market and can easily replace competing gearboxes in different applications.

Hydro-Mec gearboxes stocked at BJ-Gear A/S

Hydro-Mec worm gearboxes

The worm gearboxes from Hydro-Mec are modular designed and comprise countless combinations. The housing is made of aluminium or cast iron and may be supplied with stainless steel hollow shafts. The Hydro-Mec worm gearboxes are interchangeable with known brands in the market. 



Hydro-Mec helical bevel gearboxes

Hydro-Mec helical bevel gearboxes are modular and compact as well as very energy efficient. The helical bevel gearboxes are in cast iron or aluminium and characterised by high power density and an efficiency of up to 96%. The helical bevel gearboxes are available as foot, flange or shaft gearboxes. 



Hydro-Mec helical gearboxes

Hydro-Mec helical gearboxes are modular and compact. The helical gearboxes are offered in either aluminium or cast iron. The helical gearboxes in cast iron are very suitable for heavy loads and at high efficiencies.



Hydro-Mec shaft mounted gearboxes

A shaft mounted gearbox is characterised by high power density and high permissible radial forces. Typical applications where shaft mounted gearboxes are used are applications within the transport and process technology.