Electromagnetic solutions with great diversity

Electromagnets can offer significant cost advantages compared to pneumatic solutions. The cost advantages are mainly due to the lower energy costs, but there are also lower investment costs to achieve.


The use of electromagnetic actuators in factory automation ensures significant cost advantages compared to conventional pneumatic solutions. Advantages of the electromagnetic solenoids are among others that there is no need to install any compressed air supply, as well as the ability to use decentralised supply for the electromagnetic systems. Also, electromagnetic solenoids convert energy directly into movement and they produce significantly less noise. 


Linear solenoids

Linear solenoids from Kendrion are universal and cost-effective actuating solenoids perfectly suited for use in precision engineering and industrial applications. Linear solenoids are used in the transportation industry, transforming electric energy into mechanical kinetic energy.

The fields of application of linear solenoids are almost unlimited. Frame linear solenoids and high-performance linear solenoids are universal applicable linear solenoids. While for frame linear solenoids the focus is on individual mounting options, the high-performance linear solenoids excel with their modular design. The product lines are supplemented by the high-power line which combines high forces and large strokes.

Locking units

Electromagnetic locks of the Kendrion Locking Line are locking units especially for use in safety devices. The electromagnetic locking units are characterised by a compact design, high lifetime and lateral force load-bearing of the locking solenoid. There are three different types of locking units: the locking solenoid, the shotbolt solenoid, and the motorised door locks & solenoid locks.

Oscillating solenoids

Electromagnetic vibration systems of the Kendrion Oscillating Line include five product types - vibratory feeder coil, inline vibratory feeder driver, electromagnetic shaker coil, electromagnetic linear oscillator and the electromagnetic vibration generator - thus offering optimum solutions for many applications. Due to their special design vibrating magnets are particularly suitable for the conveying, vibrating, and process technology.

Holding magnets

Holding magnets can be divided into electromagnetic holding magnets, permanent electromagnetic holding magnets and door holding magnets. The electromagnetic holding magnet consists of a DC-energised coil, which reaches a holding force of up to 30,000N when energised. The permanent-electro-magnet is especially suitable for long holding, as they reach a holding force up to 3,500N in the de-energised state. The Kendrion holding magnets are available both as round pot magnets and as holding bars. Door holding magnets are used in the area of ​​fire doors. The magnets comply with strict safety guidelines and exist in various designs, each designed for floor, wall or ceiling mounting.

Holding magnets from Kendrion are pot magnets that are used to hold or clamp ferromagnetic workpieces. The electromagnets are preferably used in fixture construction and in the industrial areas automation, transportation and handling. For tasks involving long periods of holding without energy consumption, permanent electromagnets offer advantages. They ensure that a load or work-piece is safely held in the event of a power failure.

Rotary solenoids

Rotary solenoids are rotary actuating solenoids for a wide range of applications. The high performance rotary solenoid is characterised by extremely fast switching times, sturdy and compact design, cost-efficiency and are furthermore very easy to use.

Rotary solenoids perform a powerful rotary movement over a defined angle of rotation. The end positions can be fixed on both sides with a high holding torque. A feature which is required for applications such as switching gates in sorting technology. Apart from gate switching rotary solenoids also take over actuation tasks in machines and systems. 

Another area of application for rotary solenoids is safe lockings, where the energy-saving, bistable concept and compact size are essential for use as twist locks. The operating principle of Kendrion rotary solenoids can be both monostable and bistable. The monostable design is a springless system where retention is achieved with a permanent magnet. The bistable concept is based on the polarity reversal of the supply voltage causing a change of direction of rotation in a polarized system.

Because of the short switching time and the permanently high holding torque the system only requires little power and is therefore energy-saving.

Our electric actuators are used in a wide range of applications

  • Twist lock for sliding doors, ventilation flap & sorting gate: Our compact rotary solenoid with integrated Hall sensor or dampened stop saves space, is reliable and has a modular design.
  • Shotbolt solenoid for door locks, drawers & lockers: Our mobile locking solenoids convince by easy retrofitting, compact size and energy-saving design. 
  • Solenoids in automation: Achieve cost savings by our electrically operated stoppers, linear solenoids and other electromagnetic systems in automation.
  • Safe grids with strong linear solenoids: Our electromagnetic high-voltage switches for energy engineering ensure full power and the safe operation of high voltage installations.
  • Clean dialysis by solenoids: Our electromagnetic components for medical engineering allow hygienic and reliable developments such as the ultrafiltration pump in the dialyzer. 
  • Safety on deck and in buildings: Our certified and normed electromagnetic actuators (door holding solenoids, locking solenoids, etc.) protect at the right moment.
  • High-speed circuit-breakers: Our high-performance linear solenoid achieves enormously short switching times and meets the high requirements when used as circuit breaker in high-voltage systems