BJ-Gear meets higher and higher hygiene requirements

We all wish to avoid salmonella outbreaks and the risk of other dangerous bacteria finding their way to the dining table. Therefore, higher and higher hygiene requirements are imposed on machines and equipment used in the food industry. In this industry it is especially important that the products have a cleaning-friendly design to avoid the risk of bacterial growth. This may be part of the reason why more customers in the food industry have learned that they can use NG bearings in their applications.

BJ-Gear A/S increases the sales of NG bearings

BJ-Gear has increased the sales of NG bearings with more than 37% in 2018 compared to 2015. This increasement of sales can be due to the fact that the food industry has learned that they with great advantage can use the bearings in several processes in the production line, from manufacturing to packaging.

The NG bearings are especially popular in the food industry due to the industry’s increased focus on hygiene requirements and cleanability of the products. The advantage of the bearing houses is that they are designed with rounded corners and a smooth surface, which makes the product easy to clean. In this way you avoid bacterial growth and reduce the risk of contamination. Furthermore, the bearings are waterproof and functions under water with no risk of rusting over time. 

Do you want to see the NG bearings in operation? Follow this link to see an example of the use of the bearings in food production with acidic materials.

The material makes the NG bearings particularly resistant

The NG bearings are made of a hard version of the plastic material polyurethane (PUR), which is produced with the help of a two component injection moulding. This makes the material both flexible and strong. Consequently, the bearings are more resistant to wear and breakage compared to thermoplastic bearings, which are made of a much more porous material. Moreover, the NG bearings’ smooth surface does not absorb water and is resistant to the use of cleaning agents and chemicals. The bearings can withstand temperatures from -30° to +100°.

The NG bearings are produced in-house at our facilities in Skanderborg, Denmark, which ensures that the product is manufactured under healthy working conditions and with Danish quality control. The bearings have achieved FDA- and EU-food grades and are USDA-accepted.

Full-line supplier of transmission solutions for the food industry

BJ-Gear offers a wide range of stainless steel products, all of which are particularly suitable for the food industry. We supply stainless steel gear drive solutions, including worm gearboxes, helical bevel gearboxes and worm gear screw jacks, as well as stainless steel actuators, motors, brake modules and machine feet. Furthermore, we supply stainless steel couplings and flange encoders.

BJ-Gear A/S solves challenges in the production of mussels

Our NG bearings can withstand saltwater, cleaning with tough chemicals and big fluctuations in temperature. Furthermore, the bearings have a cleaning-friendly design which makes them ideal for food production.