The widest range of stainless steel transmission solutions

BJ-Gear A/S has a wide range of stainless steel transmission solutions, all of which are ideal for the food industry and other industries with high standards for cleanability and hygiene. BJ-Gear meets these requirements with our range of stainless transmission solutions.

Stainless steel gearbox and motor

All of BJ-Gear’s stainless steel products are made of stainless steel AISI 304/EN 4301 as standard. With its high corrosion resistance this is the most common type of stainless steel. Most of our products are also available in stainless steel AISI 316L/EN 4404 on request. Our products are designed to resist the demanding environment of an industry where they are exposed to very high or very low production temperatures, pressurised cleaning and chemical cleaning products. All our stainless steel products are characterised by a smooth, machined surface without any unnecessary flanges, recesses and mounting holes, which minimises the risk of an accumulation of bacteria and impurities. The rounded corners and hygienic design makes it easy to clean the products, reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

A wide range of gearboxes

BJ-Gear has a wide assortment of gearboxes of which our worm gearbox, helical bevel gearbox, spiral bevel gearbox, helical gearbox and worm gear screw jack is available in stainless steel. The gearboxes have a degree of protection of IP65, which makes it possible to clean the gearboxes from any direction. In addition, the gearboxes are lubricated for life with oil approved for the food industry.

Our stainless steel worm gearbox is as standard supplied with a centre distance of 31, 42, 61, 79 and 99 mm with gear ratios from 5:1 up to 100:1 and with an output torque of up to 900 Nm. It is possible to order the worm gearbox with torque arm, side flange, free worm shaft and plug-in shaft.

Our stainless steel helical bevel gearbox is characterised by having an efficiency of up to 96%. The stainless steel bevel gearbox is as standard available with hollow output shaft and motor flange.

All our worm gear screw jacks are available with easy-to-clean, yellow chromated surfaces and spindles of stainless steel.

Gearboxes can be mounted with a stainless steel motor

The gearboxes can be mounted with our stainless steel AC motors, available as TENV (Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated) or as TEFV (Totally Enclosed Fan Ventilated). The motors have a degree of protection from IP66 and up to IP69K.
When the motor is mounted with a gearbox from BJ-Gear an overall degree of protection of IP66 for the entire transmission solution is achievable using a gasket of nitrile rubber for the joint. This makes the gear motors ideal for free mounting without a traditional stainless safety cover, which minimises the risk of hidden sources of contamination.

The stainless steel motor…

Product information

… is as standard equipped with a thermistor, monitoring the temperature of the motor.

… has the nameplate with technical data etched directly onto the motor body to reduce areas for waste and dirt entrapment.

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Complete stainless steel transmission solutions

With our stainless steel brake module, designed to be mounted between a flanged motor and a gearbox, we can deliver a complete transmission solution to suit individual needs. Our brake module is manufactured on location at our facilities here in Denmark. The gaskets of the brake module are made of nitrile rubber and provide a degree of protection of IP68 or IP69, which ensures that water and detergents do not enter the brake module. The brake module is available in three sizes with braking torques from 5-20 Nm and is suitable for IEC B14 motor sizes 63, 71, 80 and 90. Other sizes can be produced on request. The brakes are in accordance with the UL and CSA standards.

Our wide range of stainless steel solutions also includes our stainless steel actuator with toothed belt drive. The actuator is made in a hygienic design, which makes the actuator ideal for the food industry and the health care industry. The actuator is based on a ball screw spindle driven by a toothed belt. This allows linear speeds of up to 1,250 mm/sec with a very high efficiency of up to 80-90%. The dynamic traction and compressive force is up to 15,000 N. The actuator is characterised by a simple, compact and modular design that provides great flexibility when it comes to choosing stroke length and mounting options for the gear motor. The actuator can be delivered with food grade grease.

Levelling feet and bearings for the demanding environment of the food industry

BJ-Gear’s stainless steel levelling feet is made of stainless steel AISI 304/EN 4301 and can withstand temperatures of up to 250°C. The black rubber inside and under the feet is of the rubber type NBR72 which is food grade. The embedded nitrile rubber has a rounded and hygienic design which makes the feet easy to clean. The material has a hardness of 70-75 shore and can withstand temperatures between -15°C and + 95°C. The levelling feet have a high resistance to corrosion and detergents and can be delivered with or without mounting plates to prevent movement. The feet can cope with up to 10° slopes on floors and equipment.

Additionally, we supply bearing units with stainless steel housings. BJ-Gear’s waterproof NG bearing units are available as both flange and pillow block bearing units and are produced in-house. The housing is made of polyurethane, which is produced using injection moulding with two components. The plastic material is both flexible and strong and is characterised by being chemically resistant. An oil seal ring with a stainless steel spring ensures that the bearing housing is waterproof and that water cannot penetrate the housing. The bearings have a degree of protection of IP66 and IP67.

Our commodities complete our stainless steel programme 

We supply stainless steel flange encoders to be mounted between the gearbox and motor. The encoders have a compact design with a thickness of 7-15 mm and are available with pulses from 1 to 2,048 per revolution. The encoders have a degree of protection of IP67 and are compatible with all IEC motors.

Furthermore, we supply stainless steel couplings available both as precision couplings with zero backlash or as industrial couplings for the most demanding power transmission applications.