Labour Rights

BJ-Gear recognises its responsibility to respect labour rights as expressed in the eight core conventions of the International Labour Organization. BJ-Gear commits to avoid infringing on labour rights and to address and remedy any adverse impacts with which BJ-Gear is involved. 

Child labour

BJ-Gear will not become involved in child labour – either directly or indirectly. In general, children should not work until they are above the compulsory school age. The minimum age for full-time employment is 15 years (or 14 years should local legislation permit it). Employees who are younger than 18 years old must not carry out hazardous work or work at night, regardless of the number of hours they work. The minimum age for light work/after-school work (work that does not interfere with a child's education) is 13 years of age (or 12 years should local legislation permit it). With regard to all types of work, we endeavour to take special care when organising work tasks, working hours and workloads considering the young age of the employee.

Forced labour and freedom of movement

BJ-Gear does not use forced or bonded labour – either directly or indirectly. Forced or bonded labour is any kind of work or service that is performed involuntarily under threat of penalty. Employees must have the right to freedom of movement during their employment.

  • We do not withhold personal documents, work permits or salaries from our employees as this can prevent the employees from leaving their employment.
  • We give employees confirmation of working terms and conditions, in accordance with local legislation.


When hiring people or during employment, BJ-Gear does not discriminate based on race, skin colour, gender, language, religion, political or other beliefs, age, disability, nationality, social or ethnic background, financial circumstances, sexual orientation, origin or other status – either directly or indirectly. We offer all individuals equal opportunity and make active efforts to achieve a corporate culture and workplace free from discrimination and harassment. BJ-Gear does not tolerate sexual harassment or any other kind of harassment of employees.

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

BJ-Gear does not interfere with the right of employees to join a union or their right to collective bargaining. In situations or in countries where freedom of association and collective bargaining is restricted by local legislation, we recognise that employees can exercise their freedom of association and collective bargaining in some other way.