Business ethics and anti-corruption

BJ-Gear will demonstrate honesty and integrity in our relations with colleagues, authorities, customers, suppliers, partners, organisations and other business relations.
BJ-Gear exercises zero tolerance towards all forms of corruption. BJ-Gear does not offer, promise or provide any form of bribe to exert any unlawful influence over a public employee, judge or business partner. BJ-Gear refrains from receiving or accepting any form of bribery.

Corruption shall be understood as an abuse of position and/or trust for personal profit or for company profit, e.g. through the use of bribery. Bribery may be in the form of services or gifts that contrary to normal or generally accepted business and local practices have an unacceptably high or unusual value, or in the form of cash, shares or other personal payments. We also exercise zero tolerance in relation to 'facilitation payment', which can be a form of payment of a smaller amount of money to a public employee or authority to speed up the service of a routine case (e.g. the issuing of a permit or visa).

Our zero-tolerance approach towards corruption does not prevent us from maintaining and promoting excellent business relations with customers and other partners as long as any exchanged advantage is moderate and exchanged openly and in accordance with this Code of Conduct.

BJ-Gear supports and aim to achieve fair competition. BJ-Gear must therefore comply with all relevant competition rules and refrain from concluding unlawful anti-competitive agreements as well as exchanging unlawful price and/or market information with competitors.