BJ-Gear A/S use robots on our production

BJ-Gear A / S has in the past few years invested in modern robotic production technology to enhance, optimize and streamline our production process. The advantages by installing robots technology is great. Not only will robot technology reduce manufacturing errors due to the accuracy of the robots, but the number of unmanned hours will provide the employees with time to focus on other tasks at the same time.

A more human advantage of using robot technology is a more safe and healthe working environment. An employee that does manual laber for many hours every day and at the same time is lifting heavy raw materials to feed the machine or in stock is at risk to be worn down. To keep and protect employees from any heavy lifting and avoid poor working positions, installing for example a QRS robotic system is a advantage which will protect employees against wear and tear and hence keep up production.

As part of a larger storage optimization and our ongoing automation process, BJ-Gear A/S has invested in several Kardex Shuttle XP 500 Vertical Lift Modules from Kardex Remstar.
The investment will provide a reduction of 85-90% in the space volume of our stock - this means that we get about 200 additional square meters available.
Another advantage of the investment is that the ergonomics and work environment will be improved for our employees. Because plucked from the lift modules always happens in good working height unlike pick from traditional shelves, where you easily can make unsuitable lifting and stretching, just to get to the items you want to pick.

QRS - Quality Robot Systems

To save man-hours and at the same time sparing employees who avoid heavy lifting when setting up we have invested in a QRS - Quality Robot Systems.

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Kardex Remstar

To ensure further optimisation and streamline our stock management we have invested in several Kardex Remstar vertical storage lift systems.

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Mobile Industrial Robots

MiR robots automate the internal transport of raw materials and parts between component production, storage and assembly. This means streamlining work processes and protecting employees against wear and tear by avoiding poor working positions.

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