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Dedicated Healthcare Solutions

Case: Special gear central element of heart scanner.

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Case: Nuclear Medicine Scanner with linear and rotary movements.

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Case: An accurate patient positioning system.

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Case: Heart Scanner

Special gear central element of heart scanner

BJ-Gear has performed a wide range of tasks for a company supplying hospital equipment on OEM basis and at a very early stage of the project, we were involved in developing a gear unit to a nuclear medical heart scanner.




Linear movement of detector head

Rotation of detector head

Reproduced with permission by Phillips Healthcare

Technicians from the company and BJ-Gear formed a common project team who defined the demands on loads and gear ratios. As the next step, BJ-Gear designed the prototype of the gear which formed the basis of the customer's further work on developing the final heart scanner. The basic idea of having a very rigidly constructed gear to be the bearing base of the scanner's detector head proved to be successful. The final dimensioning and engineering of the gear were carried out by BJ-Gear.

Due to the strict demands for safety within hospital equipment, the gear box was made of a solid block in aluminium. The actual gear is based on a double worm gearing and lives up to the principles of our precision gears. To lift the complete detector unit, we are using one of our adapted spindle gears.

Case: Nuclear Medicine Scanner

Nuclear Medicine Scanner with linear and rotary movements

BJ-Gear was contacted in conjunction with the development of a new nuclear medicine scanner. After a review of the various movements, it was decided to base it on BJ-Gear”™s standard gear program and carry out the necessary adaptations.

The BJ-Gear engineers performed the necessary dimensioning and engineering of the gears. In order to meet the demands for a.o. space, interface, backlash and performance, it was required to customize the gears in the following fields: Input shafts, input flanges, output shafts, output flanges, higher precision on worm wheels and worms and using a special procedure in connection with assembly for obtaining a high precision of the gears.

Some of the gears are also supplied with built-on motors, electromagnetic brakes and encoders. All our products are secured by a final functional test and control.
After delivery of these proto types, the units were lifetime tested and subsequently they were released for serial production.

Movement of exchanger

Rotation of detector heads

Linear movement of detector head

Rotation of detector head

Reproduced with permission by Phillips Healthcare

Case: Patient Table for Radiation Therapy

An accurate patient positioning system

One of BJ-Gear”™s customers wanted to develop a patient table to be used in connection with radiation therapy of brain tumors. The requirements for precision and performance of this gear were extremely high and so it was not possible to apply any standard or adapted gear.
The customer”™s engineers made a proposal for a special gear. The principle was a double-acting ball screw gear to achieve a compact design.
BJ-Gear”™s engineers performed calculations and determined the final design of the gear.

This special gear was supplied with a servomotor and holding brake built-on. After having performed thorough static and dynamic tests, this gear motor was released for serial production.
BJ-Gear is responsible for manufacturing of components, for the assembly, testing and commissioning of the gear including servomotor and holding brake.



Double-acting ball screw gear for positioning of table

Reproduced with permission by Elekta Oncology Systems