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Raja-Lovejoy® Co. Ltd., Germany

The product programme consists of elastic couplings, claw couplings, pump brackets and oil tanks for hydraulic plants.

Raja-Lovejoy® Co. Ltd. (former Rahmer + Jansen). Home page:

We keep most types in stock and some of them in final drilling state.

Elastic Couplings

 Flexible Couplings




Aluminium up to 525 Nm for max. boring diameter: 60 mm.
In cast iron/sintered steele. Up to 7,500 Nm for max. boring diameter: 145.
As flange coupling in GGG from 95-3,600 Nm.
We keep in stock most types, a part of them with many different borings.
Type Spidex NBL is supplied as backlash-free coupling.

General coupling catalogue

Spidex installation and operating manual


Flexible coupling with hub in steel and nylon enclosure. From 10-1,250 Nm.


General coupling catalogue

Dentex installation and operating manual