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In close partnership with BJ-Gear

In 1997 BJ-Gear developed a special worm gear to a homogenising unit in partnership with a company producing among others equipment to dairies. This unit is employed by dairy laboratories and laboratories within educational institutions. By virtue of its compact design, the worm gear became the heart of the machine. The gear is made with an output shaft designed as a crank. The output flange works as eccentric box with piston travel and due to the heavy load from the eccentric movement, it has also been necessary to make an additional reinforcement of the worm and the crank bedding. Besides, the gear was fitted with an AC-motor.

The positive results with the gear had the effect that the after some time the company chose to expand the cooperation in such a way that BJ-Gear is now supplying an almost finished homogenising unit. The unit consists of motor, specially designed worm gear, crank and eccentric box, piston and piston rod, bottom frame, screening and electrical control.

The actual agreement with this company implies that we produce and stock the necessary components in order to be able to mount and supply quickly another unit. The company carries out the final mounting of special parts and the test of the unit.