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Stainless steel worm gearboxes

Rustfri gearmotor
Stainless steel worm gearmotor
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Stainless steel worm gearboxes



Stainless steel worm gearmotor

Hygienic stainless BJ worm gearboxes

BJ-Gear A/S offers a self-produced stainless gearbox range of high quality. The series was developed specifically for the food industry and other industries where there are continuously stringent requirements for the resistance of the material and the easy-to-clean design.

The gearboxes are made of a smooth stainless gear housing, they are life lubricated and can of course be supplied with oil approved for the food industry. Oil seals are standard made of nitrile rubber.
To reduce the risk of bacterial growth, the design is characterised by smooth machined surfaces without unnecessary flanges, recesses and mounting holes. It is also possible to order the gearboxes with torque arm, side flange, free worm and plug-in shaft. Other adjustments are performed on request including such as stainless spindle gears.

In cases where you want a complete hygienic gear motor, we can offer the BJ-gearboxes fitted with stainless AC or servo motor. 

Resistant to cleaning with water under pressure

The protection of the gearboxes is IP65, and for stainless motors it is IP66. This ensures that the products can be cleaned with water under pressure from all directions. To achieve an overall protection of IP66 by assembly of gearboxes and motor, you must use a gasket of nitrile rubber for the joint. This means that the gear motors are ideal for free mounting without a traditional stainless safety cover in areas where hygiene requirements are highest. Hidden sources of pollution can thereby be avoided.

The gearboxes are as standard supplied with a center distance of 31, 42, 61 and 99 mm with gear ratios from 5:1 to 100:1 and with an output torque of up to 900 Nm.

Stainless steel worm gearbox


Maximum output torque

Housing design

Series 31

5:1 - 75:1


Stainless steel

Series 42

5.4:1 - 75:1


Stainless steel

Series 61

7:1 - 100:1


Stainless steel

Series 79

7:1 - 60:1


Stainless steel

Series 99

7:1 - 100:1


Stainless steel

The gearbox series can be customised according to requirements.


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