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Gear motors - high flexibility

Standard gear motor
Gear motor with adapted worm gear and AC-motor

All gearboxes and actuators from BJ-Gear A/S can be supplied with or without attached motor. The advantage by allowing us to be in charge of handling a complete solution is, that we can ensure a proper fitting and make sure that the complete unit is tested before delivery.

We have wide experience in motor technology and offer motors at attractive prices, whether using AC motors, DC motors, servo motors, hydraulic motors, air motors or other motor types. The motors can be supplied in cast iron, aluminum or stainless steel design.

Beyond the supply of gear motors, we also offer to dimension and fit with other transmission components such as electromechanical brakes, electromechanical switches, encoders, mechanical couplings and gear wheels. All this from our own stock and at competitive prices.

This gives you one delivery from one supplier, that is handling the global responsibility for the functional performance.