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Actuators - a successful programme

For linear motions, we offer our successful actuator programme consisting of two variants:

  • Actuators based on a worm gear drive.
  • Actuators based on a belt drive.

A BJ actuator is extremely robust in terms of overload and operating environment. The design is simple and its modular design allows great flexibility regarding the choice of mounting options, flanges and surface treatments. The modular design is also ideal if any customisations are needed where the actuator must be optimised for specific needs. Therefore, BJ-Gear A/S is able to manufacture actuators adapted to your requirements at an attractive price.

An electric actuator is used primarily where an intermittent axial movement and positioning is needed. It is a good alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders due to the simple connection to electrical operational systems and the hygiene benefits. Furthermore, you will achieve a quite steady speed all over the load range compared to hydraulics and pneumatics solutions.

Our actuators are made in various versions and are currently installed in countless solutions within healthcare, food processing and packaging and many other Industries.

See also our extensive program of spindle gears for larger loads.


Actuators based on worm gear drive

This type of actuator is simple and of a sturdy construction. It is based on our worm gearboxes on which a set of cylindrical aluminum tubes and an inner threaded spindle are mounted.

The design allows great flexibility in the choice of stroke length, mounting options with different types of connections at both ends, motor flanges, oils, surface coatings, etc.

Our actuators are made in an easy-to-clean design and the gear housings are as standard either painted or with yellow chromed surfaces. They can also be supplied with stainless steel shafts, screws and food approved lubricants.

As standard we supply trapezoidal spindles and actuator tubes in anodised aluminium. We keep parts in stock for a wide range of standard stroke lengths, and can by request supply any desired stroke length. We are also offering numerous variants such as ball screw spindles, stainless steel actuator tubes, stainless steel gear housings etc.

It is possible to achieve linear movements of up to approx. 6,500 mm/min. If there is a need for higher speeds or other customised designs, we have great experience in adaptations or in designing special actuators - even in smaller numbers.


Maximum forward /
compressive thrust

Spindle speed

Series 42


45 - 6.500

Actuators based on toothed belt

Our actuator based on toothed belt drive is in stainless steel and in a hygienic design, making the actuator ideal for industries like Food, Process and Healthcare. The principle is based on a ball screw spindle allowing linear speed of up to 1,250 mm/sec and at a very high efficiency. The dynamic tensile / compression force is up to 15,000 N.

In case of lower speed and less demand on precision, our actuator based on a trapezoidal spindle and worm gear drive could be the right solution.

The optimum exploitation of the actuator is achieved when using a servomotor. The movement can thus be made by a controlled acceleration, step movement and precise positioning. The actuator can also be equipped with an AC or DC motor. These mentioned advantages make the actuator attractive compared to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.

The actuator is characterised by a single, compact and modular design that allows great flexibility in the choice of stroke lengths, mounting conditions, connections and lubricants such as food graded grease.

The actuator can be customised for:

  • Motor connection to exactly your preferred motor.
  • Stroke completely according to your requirements.
  • Actuator connections according to your requirements.


  • Stainless steel hygienic design.
  • Easy and simple incorporation.
  • Compact and modular design.
  • High speeds and uniform movements.
  • Ø16 or Ø25 mm ball screw spindles, 5-25 mm pitch.
  • High repeating accuracy.
  • Low backlash.
  • High efficiency.
  • AC, DC or servo motors.
  • Possibility of food graded grease.
  • Customisations.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Short delivery times.


Maximum forward /
compressive thrust

Spindle speed

Ball screw


up to 75.000


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