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Electromagnetic brakes and couplings

Our electromagnetic brakes are available for AC or DC connections:

  • Spring power brakes are often used as safety brakes.
  • Permanent magnet brakes are active by way of a permanent magnetic field and can thus connect the axles in a tension free mode.

Brakes from Precima





From 0,15 - 8 Nm





From 2 - 1500 Nm






 From 5 - 1500 Nm





Double Brake

Brakes and couplings from Binder-Kendrion Antriebstechnik GmbH

PM line
Permanent magnetic
one-disc brake.
From 2.2-120 Nm.

AC line
From 1-75 Nm.
AC brake

Elevation line
One-disc brake and
two-disc brake.
From 50-440 Nm.
DC brake

Slim line
Narrow type with
ventilator built in.
25 Ncm and 3 Nm.
DC and AC brake

Classic line
Supplied as a disc brake
and multiple disc brake.
From 4-800 Nm.
DC brake

Active clutch line
Clutch with or without
joining flange.
From 0.2-150 Nm.
DC clutch

Compact line
Compact type.
1 Nm and 8 Nm.
DC and AC brake

EEX line
Explosion damage protected
I and II according to ATEX 100a.
From 10-270 Nm.
DC and AC brake

Active brake line
Brake with or without
joining flange.
From 1.0-150 Nm.
DC brake

Vario line
From 1-400 Nm.
DC brake

Module line
One-disc brake with
joining flanges
at both ends.
From 25-500 Nm.
DC brake