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Electromagnetic pull/push magnets and vibrators

BJ-Gear A/S supplies products from Kendrion, a leading global manufacturer of electromagnetic pull/push magnets and vibrators. Kendrion combines the three brands Binder, Linnig and Tri-Tech and is represented worldwide.

Atex approved magnets.
From 20-400 N thrust

Elevator line.

From 200-14.000 N

Industrial line.
As permanent magnet:
From 40-3,500 N
Electromagnet from
45-30,000 N.

Hahn CQ line.
door stop magnets


Classic line.
From 0,2-400 N thrust.

High performance line.
From 5-1.100 N.

Locking line.
locking system

System line.
From 40-500 N.

Control power line.
From 30-400 N.

High power line.
From 10-3.000 N.

Oscillating line.
Small electromagnetic


Accessory line