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Experts in special gearboxes and actuators

BJ-Gear A/S has extensive expertise in developing specialised gearboxes and actuators in a professional dialogue with your company. By a special gearbox or a special actuator, the company will often get an overall less expensive, technically better and more compact transmission than solutions based on standard gearboxes and components.

With engineering based on knowledge and innovation, we ensure a competent delivery from the conception of design and production to delivery of prototype and subsequently serial delivery. Our flexible R & D Department and production facilities means that we quickly can produce special gearboxes and actuators at a reasonable price, even in small series. The starting point can be either a new design, or an existing design to be changed or optimised.

We master all gearbox principles

We undertake development and design of all gear types such as worm gears, helical gears, spiral bevel gears, helical bevel gears and planetary gears. The solution can also be found in a combination of different gear types in one or more steps. In case of special actuators, we are also using different principles for gearing and conversion of rotation into a linear motion.

Our concept is based on using as many known types and components from our standard range as possible to optimize price and lead time.Moreover, there are almost no limitations on how a gear, spindle gear or an actuator can be fine tuned in relation to design, performance, choice of materials etc. to achieve the optimum solution based on your needs.

Another typical specialization is the development of a special gear where the demands are high on the precision of the gear in order to reduce the backlash to a minimum. See the examples below of precision gears or read more here.

We have shown below some examples of special gearboxes which we have developed together with our customers:

Double acting precision gearbox with built-in friction coupling

Stainless steel spiral bevel gearbox

Special gearbox solution integrated in an lever arm

Stainless steel meat cutting saw with stainless steel AC-motor

2-steps helical gearbox with DC-motor, brake and encoder

Double acting ball screw gearbox with servo motor and brake

We have shown below some examples of special actuators which we have developed together with our customers:

Compact inline actuator with planetary gearbox and servo motor

Compact inline actuator with planetary gearbox and servo motor

Stainless spindle gearbox with stainless steel spindle and tube

Special ATEX approved products

When it comes to special products, BJ-Gear A/S is able to supply explosion protected actuators, gearboxes and gear motors meeting the current ATEX directives. We have considerable expertise in risk assessment, documentation and production according to the ATEX directive. Some of our products are ATEX approved, while others can be supplied on request. Read more here.