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Adapted solutions optimise the outcome

BJ-Gear A/S can quickly and efficiently adapt standard gearboxes or actuators to numerous variants by virtue of our technical expertise and our flexible production system. Our standard program is highly adaptable and products are supplied at competitive prices, whether the order consists of one or more gears/actuators.

We offer customisations of all our standard products. The degree of adaptation may vary from a simple adjustment to a more fundamental change in our standard products without for that reason denoting it as a special solution.

Even minor adjustments such as special flanges and output shafts can help giving your business a financially and technically more optimum transmission solution.

Typical parts which we adapt to our products:

  • Input and output shafts
  • Motor flanges
  • Side flanges
  • Mounting holes in gear housing
  • Reduction of backlash in the gear. Read more about precision gears ...
  • Spindle terminations for actuators and spindle gears
  • Stroke lengths of actuators
  • Surface treatment and lubricants for various and demanding environments.

We also have a wide experience in adapting motors, brakes and couplings a.o. to customer needs, when this is required to get the best possible transmission solution.

Below we have shown some examples of adapted gear solutions that we have delivered to our customers:

Spindle gear with ball screw spindle and special nut

Actuator with inner and outer tubes in stainless steel

Worm gear with special output shaft and flange

Worm gear with special motor flange, output shaft and low backlash

Worm gear with special output shaft and flange

Worm gear with special output shaft and flange

Worm gear with special output shaft, motor flange and brake

Stainless worm gear with special motor flange for DC motor and stainless shield

Precision gear

Spindle gear solution with synchronized movements