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Targeted benefits for your business

BJ-Gear A/S has great expertise and specialised knowledge of specific requirements for transmission solutions. Our knowledge is built through many years of close collaboration with various companies within the same industry. It has given us precise knowledge of what is required when it comes to development, design, functionality, quality, documentation and specific trade requirements for achieving the best result in a number of key industries.

BJ-Gear A/S is a.o. manufacturing innovative gearboxes, actuators, special products and complete transmission solutions to the following industries: Healthcare, Food Processing and Packaging, Aerospace and Defense, Offshore and Marine, the Energy Sector and to many other business areas.


Hydro-Mec Store

BJ-Gear A/S has since 2013 had components from Italian Hydro-Mec on stock.
We have a special section dedicated to the assembly of Hydro-Mec gearboxes.
That way we can guarantee delivery within one hour.