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CNC measuring machines

Quality products put high standards for control and measuring facilities. Through the years we have been investing heavily in measuring equipment and knowledge in order to measure correctly. All measuring jobs are performed by qualified and trained personnel and the equipment used are preferably calibrated by an accredited laboratory.

Among others we can mention the following calibration machinery at BJ-Gear A/S: Zeiss CNC coordinate measuring machine, Klingenberg CNC gear wheel measuring machine, Mahr roughness measuring device, Joint length gauge, Tesa altimeter, approx. 550 pieces of displaying instruments and approx. 700 pieces of attributive control equipment. Furthermore, we also have approx. 350 units of indicative control devices and test benches.

Klingenberg CNC gear wheel measuring machine
Zeiss CNC coordinate measuring machine

The measuring environment has a significant impact on the measuring uncertainty. That is the reason why we have built a measurement laboratory with controlled humidity and a constant temperature of 20°C + / - 0.5°C.

Zeiss CNC coordinate measuring machine
Mahr roughness measuring device