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Meets strictest market demands with ISO 9001:2008

BJ-Gear A/S got the first ISO 9001 certification in 2003 and is now certified according to quality system DS/EN ISO 9001:2008. With this certification we can prove that our processes, products and competencies match even the most stringent market requirements. Continuous process measurements and systematic monitoring and documentation help to ensure that we always deliver a consistently high product quality.

Quality control covers all parts of the business, from the initial contact with the customer, sales and development, selection and purchase of materials, production and assembly of components, functional testing and preparation of the final documentation for the final product. We place strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, precision and dedication throughout the value chain.

Our products are reliable and are based on well-proven concepts. We want our products to be of the highest quality available, and that our customers are of the same opinion!

We work according to the following quality policy:

  • Maintain and streamline our quality control system.
  • As a minimum, to comply with applicable statutory and regulatory requirements for the maintenance of certificates and approvals.
  • Carefully evaluate and comply with customer requirements and desires.
  • Implement product adaptations and development.
  • Develop cooperation with selected suppliers / partners.
  • Provide reliable and fault free and high quality products.
  • Provide goods and services on time.
  • Ensure an efficient handling of complaints.
  • Meet company goals for profitability.
  • Develop our employees to a high degree of quality understanding.
  • Create and promote a good working environment.
  • Be environmentally conscious in relation to the internal and external environment.



ISO 9001:2008