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Our values

"Our values are the benchmark for our daily efforts - from management to individual employees. The values describe what each of us can and must do to strengthen the market position of BJ-Gear A/S and ensure a good workplace in the future."

Focusing on a high degree of customer satisfaction, we will be:

Precise in
/// delivery of products and services to our customers.
/// development and manufacturing of our products.
/// execution of our work.

Professional by
/// having a constant focus on good customer service.
/// making clear agreements and keeping them.
/// taking responsibility for high quality.
/// being efficient in our work.

Proactive by
/// being ahead and increasing the benefits for our customers.
/// continuously improving processes and workflows.
/// taking responsibility for influencing the external environment.
/// ensuring a good working environment with wellbeing and job satisfaction.


Hydro-Mec Store

BJ-Gear A/S has since 2013 had components from Italian Hydro-Mec on stock.
We have a special section dedicated to the assembly of Hydro-Mec gearboxes.
That way we can guarantee delivery within one hour.