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New Machining Center for higher flexibility

We are thrilled to show our new investment… We have invested in a new machining centre, which we are certain will increase our capacity, make our production more efficient and on top of it all also significantly strengthen our flexibility.

The new machine is a Matsuura MAM72, which is a full 5 axis CNC machining centre with pallet exchanger and a tool magazine with 170 tools. The large tool magazine makes the setup time minimal and with the new machining centre we can thus automate some processes that were previously manual. This means that we can save man hours, ensure more unmanned hours, but also spare employees who avoid heavy lifting when setting up.

Connected with a robot, a Kardex storage system and a clamping station ...
The QRS robot handles the movements between an item and the machining centre, from the raw material enters the machining centre until an item is finished and ready for storage. Broadly, the robot will move the raw material from Kardex storage lifting systems to an automatic clamping station, after which it will move the item into the machining centre. Then the robot will take the finished item and place it in a washing machine and then in a drying zone. Eventually, the robot will place the finished item on one of our MIR tables where it will be ready to be picked up for storage.

We are thus fully automating our production of gear housing and with the possibility of many unmanned hours, we can ensure continued production over weekends and public holidays.