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Restructuring the assembly department ensures higher quality and efficiency

At BJ-Gear we do our utmost to make our work processes smarter and more efficient. Most recently, we have made major changes in our assembly department.


We have chosen to dedicate our work desks and work cells to specific products with specific requirements so that we can assemble relevant components at the relevant workstations and thus eliminate all other disruptions. This, we believe is to work smarter and more efficiently.

Customer dedicated workstations

We have changed the connection to workstations from being assigned with specific assembly workers to now being assigned specific customers.

Specifically, we have established three cells that are dedicated to specific medical customers that have some individual requirements for product management, documentation and traceability. Also, we have an area that is dedicated to medical customers in general, so that the requirements and components to produce gearboxes for healthcare are all in one place.


We also have an area dedicated to stainless steel gearboxes, which is especially used in the food industry, we have an area dedicated to day-to-day deliveries, as well as an area dedicated to our standard gearboxes and an area for mounting the Italian Hydro-Mec gearboxes.


An area in our assembly department is cleared and ready for the floor to be painted and for the new workstations to arrive.


Previously, our skilled assembly workers were asssigned their own workstations for which they picked up tasks. By using the 5S lean tools, we have related the workstations to specific products and customers, and the assembly workers thus change the workplace depending on which product they work with.


By aligning the assembly, the assembly workers can find related components more quickly, ensuring fewer errors, better efficiency and thus higher quality.

A workstation in progress - assigned to products to a specific customer with specific requirements.

Better options for testing gearboxes

In addition to the changed workstations, we have installed a noise-insulated test centre centrally in the assembly department. In the past, testing of gearboxes took place in the same room as the assembly where general everyday noise could be disruptive. Now the noise insulated test centre is in the middle of the assembly department, which ensures easy access and exclusion of noise from the assembly department so that any noise at the gearbox can be detected faster and better.

In the test centre we also have dedicated test carts that can be brought to the individual workstations when the assembly workers must test the gearboxes


Apart from the fact that the test carts are now located in a fixed location and thus easier to access, they are also organised based on the 5S lean tools. Thus, they are made manageable with guides and overviews that make it easier for the assembly workers to find the test equipment to use for specific products.

The new test centre is assembled and equipped with necessary test equipment.

Improved working environment

The working environment has also been an important factor in the changes, and we have focused on minimising noise and air nuisance. This means that the redevelopment of the assembly department has been with focus on stifling the noise at the source, thus preventing noise from wandering between the tables. Therefore, we have set up felt under all work desks as well as noise walls behind each workstation.


. In addition, we have installed an extraction system at each desk, so that fumes from e.g. Loctite are immediately sucked away from the work desks. In order to minimise both power consumption and noise nuisance, a time clock has been set for the extraction. The assembly worker switches on the extractor itself when needed, and then it automatically switches off when the job is completed.


Dedicated employees

The entire redevelopment has demanded a great deal of our assembly workers, who have shown an impressive commitment and work ethic. While the assembly department has undergone this massive transformation, the assembly workers have still worked hard and maintained full production. They have even managed to set a monthly record while the optimisation was on.