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BJ-Gear A/S automates and streamlines the stock management

2018 was a great year for BJ-Gear A/S. Our annual turnover increased, and we had a year with more orders and thus a growth of our production output. We have great focus on our delivery performance and wish to continuously meet your wishes by ensuring short delivery times. Therefore, we have invested in an increased capacity and a more efficient stock management. We have acquired three Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP vertical storage lift systems, which will reduce our former shelf stocks as well as automate our stock management.

An effective automated storage and retrieval system reduces the delivery time

With the acquisition of three new Kardex Remstar Shuttle XP vertical storage lift systems we now have a total of seven storage systems. Five of these are used to store the components produced in-house.

They are placed at a single location to optimise and streamline the workflow of the storage and picking processes. This is also ensured by the systems’ digital stock management as well as employees, who are dedicated to storing and picking the components.
This reduces the risk of picking mistakes and inventory errors, and we ensure a quicker and more effective handling of each order.

The last two storage systems are located close to where we dispatch and receive goods and they are dedicated to storage of commodities. This makes it possible to live up to our ambition to deliver commodities within a very short time frame.

Five of the storage systems are placed at one location to optimise the storage and picking processes.

You can see a video of the installation of the storage systems right here.

Dedicated workstations optimise the assembly workflow and minimise errors

The acquisition of the storage systems is part of a larger optimisation of the assembly department. In addition to an increase of storage space the removal of the traditional pallet storage also adds more floor space. The increased floor area will be used to create dedicated assembly work stations for, among other things, healthcare products, high-run products, as well as for special assembly tasks with enhanced requirements to e.g. ESD protection. The customised work stations will ensure that the risk of errors is minimised, and that the workflow is more efficient, as the workbenches are specially designed for the assembly of the individual product.

Workstations specialised for the individual product

At workbenches for assembling healthcare products there is a special focus on hygiene and on ensuring that the right setting and tools are available for the outgoing inspection and testing of the product. With workbenches for high-run products, that is high volume productions, we focus to have as effective a flow as possible.

Work stations with protection against ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) are dedicated to assembly of products that contain electronics and control systems. By means of the correct working conditions such as clothes, shoes and surfaces we ensure that no static electric discharge occurs during assembly which ultimately can damage the product’s electrical control system.

Effective stock management and an optimised assembly ensures products of a high quality

The optimisation of the assembly process means that we can deliver high-run products even faster, and it makes us flexible when it comes to being able to meet specific product requirements.

The digital stock management of the storage systems reduces the risk of picking and storage errors.

This is achieved because we have placed the storage systems in one location, which ensures that the storage and picking processes is faster, more effective, and has fewer mistakes. By enhancing our storage capacity and automating our stock management we ensure, that you will be able to receive products of the quality and with the delivery time you request.

If you want to see how the storage systems were installed, you can see a video of the process here: