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As supplier of Hydro-Mec gearboxes BJ-Gear A/S is your full-line supplier of gearbox solutions

If you are looking for helical bevel gearboxes, shaft mounted gearboxes, coaxial gearboxes, and worm gearboxes, you can use BJ-Gear as your full-line supplier, as we distribute gearboxes from Italian Hydro-Mec S.P.A. This completes our gearbox programme, when it comes to types and sizes, and gives you the opportunity to receive all your transmission solutions from the same full-line supplier.

You will get customised solutions for your needs

By purchasing Hydro-Mec’s gearboxes at BJ-Gear, you will receive the gearboxes within a narrow time frame, as we stock almost all gearbox types and sizes. The solution can be customised for your specific needs several ways. The gearboxes can be adapted to the required motor size, when mounting the motor flange and input shaft. Furthermore, we supply flanges in special dimensions for motors outside the IEC standards, and the gearboxes can be delivered with the exact ratio you require. Additionally, the gearboxes can be supplied with free shaft or a stainless steel hollow shaft for environments where the gearbox may be exposed to water or corrosive elements.

Hydro-Mec’s gearbox programme is compatible with well-known brands on the market and can therefore easily replace competing transmission solutions in various applications.

Fast delivery and Danish quality assurance

To ensure that you experience an extra smooth and flexible management of your order, we have systematised the process of assembling the Hydro-Mec gearboxes. We have set up a separate area in the assembly department, where dedicated employees quickly and efficiently mount the different types of gearboxes. To further streamline the process, we have created an intermediate storage of semi-manufactures in the form of housings and complying components, ensuring that we can deliver your gearbox, when you need it.

Per Thomsen has special competences in assembling Hydro-Mec gearboxes. As a customer, you will receive an Italian gearbox assembled with Danish quality assurance.

High quality and efficiency at a fair price

You can acquire Hydro-Mec’s shaft mounted gearboxes, coaxial gearboxes as well as worm gearboxes through us. If you are looking for a gearbox with a high efficiency, Hydro-Mec’s helical bevel gearbox excels by having an efficiency of up to 96%. The gearboxes are very compact, which makes it easy to build them into an application. We have thoroughly tested and approved the gearboxes, which are available with housings of cast iron or aluminium. The helical bevel gearboxes are available as foot mounted or flange mounted and can be supplied with fixed output shaft, stainless steel hollow shaft or hollow shaft for shrink disc mounting.

Hydro-Mec's helical bevel gearboxes in sizes X22S-X63A are available with aluminium housings and two- or three-step ratios.

The gearboxes are available with ratios  between 5:1 and 821:1 and a maximum torque of 410 Nm for the aluminium gearboxes, while the cast iron

gearboxes are available with a maximum torque of 4600 Nm. The gearboxes are ATEX approved and compatible with all IEC motors.

You can read more about the specific products and find the gearbox that fits your specific needs on our website.

Hydro-Mec – a skilled and flexible manufacturer

Hydro-Mec S.P.A. has existed in 35 years and is known as an accomplished, flexible and recognised manufacturer of competitive transmission solutions. The company was established in 1983 producing speed reducers. Today they produce high-quality gearboxes for manufacturers around the world. Their philosophy is based on a dedicated service with fast and dependable delivery of gearboxes of a high quality. They also develop special products for customised solutions in collaboration with other manufacturers.

Hydro-Mec's warehouse in Italy.

You can see a presentation of Hydro-Mec’s facilities right here.