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Close collaboration through 40 years

NRT X-RAY is a Danish production company that manufactures x-ray equipment for the hospital sector worldwide. Previously, NRT delivered through large companies like Phillips and GE, today they are an independent manufacturer in competition with global players.

About 40 years ago, NRT and BJ-Gear A/S started a very fruitful collaboration; NRT needed gearbox solutions that could be approved for the high standards of medical equipment, and the two companies jointly manufactured BJ-Gear's first medical gearbox. The collaboration has since developed and BJ-Gear A/S delivers a large part of the gearboxes, that are used in NRT's X-ray systems.

NRT and BJ-Gear are very similar in many ways. Both companies are innovative and produce niche products within their field. At NRT, they have, among other things, launched an X-ray device for RSA analysis. This device performs stereo recordings and is used especially for implants to determine whether the implants move relative to the host bone. The device uses the latest technology and there is no equivalent in the market. For the RSA devices, BJ-gearboxes is used for movement of the patient bed and the telescopes.

Celex - The big news from NRT in 2017

NRT has just launched a new X-ray machine called Celex. It is based on a previously successful system, which also contained gearboxes from BJ-Gear A/S, and has undergone a thoroughly new development, which includes a flat detector and a brand-new design - and all gearboxes in the devices are from BJ-Gear A/S.

BJ gearboxes for the pharmaceutical industry is characterised by high precision with minimum backlash and exceptional quality and consistency. The Celex X-rays have several different types of BJ gearboxes mounted. Common to all the gearboxes are, that they are customised to meet NRT's needs and requirements. By choosing BJ gearboxes it is possible to get gearboxes that is customised precisely to the needs.

This means, among other things, that for the Celex X-ray devices, NRT has supplied gearboxes with special side flange, higher gearing, extended or dual output shaft, gear as assemblies, and there are several of the gearboxes that are fitted with a motor.

Sourcing and Production Manager Jimmy Søegaard Obel says: "We are pleased with the collaboration with BJ-Gear A/S. BJ-Gear is very responsive and if there are any technical challenges, they take it seriously and are quick and effective to problem solving. This means that we can deliver top quality products and the best service without delays "

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